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There we were, sitting in Hove, lovers of music but too lazy to go out. So we thought 'why not use our newly-knocked-through front room to create an intimate space for musicians to perform?'. They can play their songs, sell their CDs and make a few quid - while we can bask in their reflected glory like the fame-whores we are. Mmmm...

So, we promise you:

  • an up-close-and-personal experience (it's big enough, but not that big)
  • some great singer-songwriter-instrumentalists
  • you'll get to see every slide and every hammer-on
  • and every penny of your donation will go to the performer

Coming Soon...

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Stray Local

June 3rd 2018

Direct from Wilmington, North Carolina, Stray Local are Hannah Lomas (vocals/mandolin/keys) and Jamie Rowen (vocals/guitar/banjo). The authentic sound of Southern Americana.

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Vikki Clayton

September 1st 2018

Superb English singer/songwriter, widely regarded as one of the finest interpreters of the late Sandy Denny's music.

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Saturday, March 17th 2018 - Jim Malcolm

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About Jim Malcolm

Jim Malcolm is the ultimate Scots troubadour. Travelling the world with his guitar, harmonicas, and engaging wit, he sings the traditional songs of Scotland and his own masterfully crafted songs in a style which is modern and accessible, yet utterly authentic. He is highly regarded as an interpreter of the songs of Robert Burns, and has been described as “one of the finest singers in Scotland in any style”.

Though he now works solo, Jim was lead singer with the world-renowned and multi-award-winning Old Blind Dogs for eight years, a fantastic experience with some of Scotland’s finest musicians, taking him to the most prestigious festivals in North America and around Europe.
“Quietly, unforcefully and undeniably stunning."

"One of the finest singing voices in Scotland in any style."
- Rock and Reel Magazine

"Many harmonica players have made a full career out of less talent."
- The Herald

"Jim Malcolm will just melt you in your seat."
- The Scotsman