Here's how it works,
We book an artist or artists with an acoustic bent and they play a concert in our house. For you. Before the concert date, you tell us that you're going to come and make a donation (between £10.00 and £30.00, depending on the artist) there and then. This is your 'ticket' (we're not allowed to call it that, but it guarantees you a seat at the concert, even if it's on the floor). There's no money taken on the door - everything is done in advance - just let us know how many you'd like by using the form here and we'll get back to you. You can bring your own refreshments and we'll happily store them in our fridge (please note: this is a standard fridge, not a specially commissioned 'gig' fridge - normal limits apply).

All the money that you donate goes to the artist or artists. We don't take a penny but - as previously stated - are more than happy to bask in their reflected glory.

Yours sincerely,
Rob & Lyndy

Refunds: We have to be a bit elastic about this. Ordinarily, 'tickets' are non-refundable. We commit to paying the artist a fee and since we don't take anything ourselves, there's a danger we'll have to make that money up out of our own pocket. If we can sell your 'ticket' on then we will - but if we can't, then the money will go to the artist, rather than back to you. Sorry.

Hove House Concerts: Candids

  •  Sally Barker, Lyndy & Lyssa

    Sally Barker, Lyndy & Lyssa

  •  Ready for the off

    Ready for the off

  •  Montage


  •  Walking away

    Walking away

  •  Brenley's tenor guitar

    Brenley's tenor guitar

  •  Set List

    Set List

  •  Lisa's mandolin

    Lisa's mandolin

  •  Lisa, Rob, Lyndy & Brenley

    Lisa, Rob, Lyndy & Brenley

  •  Our lovely audience

    Our lovely audience

  •  The obligatory selfie

    The obligatory selfie

  •  Esther and her harp

    Esther and her harp

  •  Esther and her harp

    Esther and her harp

  •  End of evening selfie

    End of evening selfie

  •  Tiny keyboard amp!

    Tiny keyboard amp!

  •  Hannah Lomas tunes up

    Hannah Lomas tunes up

  •  End of show selfie

    End of show selfie

  •  Post-show drinks

    Post-show drinks

  •  Mid performance

    Mid performance

  •  In performance

    In performance

  •  No Petticoats Here

    No Petticoats Here

  •  Warming up

    Warming up

  •  In performance

    In performance

  •  Kitchen encore!

    Kitchen encore!

  •  Lisa, Brenley and Jake

    Lisa, Brenley and Jake

  •  Lisa and Jake tuning up

    Lisa and Jake tuning up

  •  Madison Violet selfie

    Madison Violet selfie

  •  Guest list

    Guest list

  •  Mid song

    Mid song

  •  Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

    Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

  •  Rob, Jim and Lyndy

    Rob, Jim and Lyndy

  •  Squeezeboxing


  •  Merchandise


  •  Warming up

    Warming up

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