Hove House Concerts: Past Guests

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Show of Hands

February 8th 2023
In a clear break from tradition, we hosted this house concert barely two months after our previous one - and on a Thursday night. But the chance to snaffle this ground-breaking acoustic duo was too good to miss. In front of a house packed with friends old and new, Phil Beer and Steve Knightley raised the roof (thankfully not literally) with their wonderful songs, singing and playing. Great to hear 'old' classics like Exiles and Santiago and the new stuff was up to the same high standard. Exceptional. Find out more on the Show of Hands website.

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Sally Barker

December 2nd 2023
Almost four years to the day since our last house concert, we were finally able to open our doors again and welcome back one of our earliest house concert guests, Sally Barker. Possessed of one of the finest voices around, Sally played a mix of original material, songs she'd performed on The Voice - where she was mentored by Tom Jones and reached the final - and songs from her Joni, Sandy and Me show. It was a grand evening and a great way to welcome everyone back. Find out more from Sally Barker's website.

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Jim Moray

December 8th, 2019
Our last show of 2019 saw the English singer-songwriter and interpreter supreme of traditional music, Jim Moray join us. Jim's set was full of surprises, some fine singing, great guitar playing and songs to stir the heart. More at home with a band in much larger venues, Jim wowed us with his relaxed, engaging style and sang songs from his whole catalogue - including Outlander, the most recent album. If only we had a bigger stage! Find out more from Jim Moray's website.

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Claire Hastings with Jenn Butterworth

September 6th, 2019
Award-winning singer-songwriter Claire Hastings came south from Glasgow, bringing with her Jenn Butterworth, one of Scotland's finest young accompanists. Between them, they wove an evening full of gorgeous melodies, some cheeky singalongs and songs full of heart and emotion. Claire's got one of the loveliest voices its been our pleasure to host and Jenn's guitar playing was simply world-class. Find out more at Claire Hastings website; and Jenn Butterworth's website.

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Madison Violet

May 18th, 2019
Canadian songsmiths Lisa and Brenley returned to Hove House Concerts, bringing with them a host of new songs from their fantastic new album - Everything's Shifting - and a world-class accompanist in Jake Zapotoczny (try saying that after a couple of beers). Jake added bass, keys, electric guitar and harmonies to Brenley and Lisa's already rich sound and the result was a mesmerising evening, full of soul, passion and good humour. The encore - performed in our kitchen with the whole audience on their feet and singing along - was an absolute showstopper. Find out more on Madison Violet's website.

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Julian Dawson

December 8th, 2018
Julian Dawson came armed with one of only 60 Martin 7-string guitars in the world, a pocketful of harmonicas, and a wealth of great songs and stories. Feted in the US and mainland Europe for his distinctive songwriting style and sense of melody, it's unbelievable that Julian's not better known in the UK. At least our audience can attest to his charm and talent, whether unaccompanied, tooting on those harmonicas, covering songs by Aretha Franklin or singing his own classics like If I Needed Rain and Uneasy Rider, and everyone had a fine old time. Find out more on the Julian Dawson website.

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Vikki Clayton

September 1st, 2018
We were delighted to host Vikki Clayton on the last gig of her mammoth Back to Blighty tour, just a few days before she returned home to New Zealand. Some lovely original songs, great fun singalongs, her masterful interpretations of some favourite Sandy Denny songs and our very first kalimba - a thumb piano. Vikki was charming, had a wealth of great stories and feathers in her hair! Find out more on the Vikki Clayton website.

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Stray Local

June 3, 2018
Hannah Lomas and Jamie Rowen - Stray Local - a superb duo from Wilmington in North Carolina, produced an evening full of southern charm, fine playing and some of the best, most affecting harmonies we've had the privilege of hosting. They mixed proper old-time music with original songs and instrumentals, played on the guitar, mandolin and keyboard. But the vocals were the biggest treat, and rarely have we heard to voices work as intimately and intuitively with each other. Great stuff. Find out more on the Stray Local website.

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Jim Malcolm

MARCH 17, 2018
The great Scottish singer-songwriter Jim Malcolm arrived from Perth - via Surrey - and wowed us with his fabulous voice and superb guitar playing. A warm-hearted, honey-voiced performer, Jim delivered original and traditional material in his own unique style, accompanied by gorgeous harmonica playing - some of the best we've heard in years. Add the bonus of our first ever solo trumpet singalong, and it was a memorable night all round. Jim seems to perform more often in the US these days than over here but if you get the chance, track him down. You won't be disappointed. You can find out more information on Jim Malcolm's website.

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Twelfth Day

DECEMBER 2, 2017
Having played the Royal Albert Hall two nights before, Twelfth Day - Catriona Price and Esther Swift - played Hove House Concerts into December with a selection of traditional, classical and original material. Catriona's one of the finest fiddle players we've ever heard - seriously - and Esther held the audience spellbound with that fantastic, full-sized harp. These girls are going places and we'd urge you to see them whenever and wherever you can. Get more information from the Twelfth Day website.

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Louise Jordan

SEPTEMBER 16, 2017
At the very tail end of summer 2017, Louise Jordan gave us something quite different - an up close and personal performance of her stage show, No Petticoats Here, which tells the stories of individual women who made their mark in the First World War. Using their own words, sound effects, acoustic guitar, piano and snare drum, Louise wove a tale of bravery, determination, old-fashioned derrying-do and equally old-fashioned prejudice. It was a spellbinding evening. Find out more on Louise Jordan's website.

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Fraser Nimmo

JUNE 10, 2017
A great evening with one of Scotland's finest singer-songwriters. Fraser showcased his own original compositions alongside classics like The Road to Dundee and Loch Lomond. Some lovely - and very funny - stories, fine playing, our first banjo (the one instrument apart from the tambourine that doesn't need amplification) and great time had by all. Fraser Nimmo's website.

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Gilmore & Roberts

MARCH 10, 2017
Another evening of firsts - our first PA for a start - that delivered another evening of great traditional and original music. Katriona and Jamie know their way around a folk tune like few others, but are never afraid to push and prod the music in unexpected directions. It was a full house and no-one who was there will forget it in a hurry, especially when they walked away from the pics and into the audience to sing that poignant, final number. Just beautiful. Please be sure to see them if they're playing anywhere near you. Gilmore & Roberts' website.
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Edwina Hayes

DECEMBER 2, 2016
We first saw Edwina when she supported Fairport Convention on their annual winter tour and were impressed by her beautiful voice, warm personality and terrific mix of covers and original material. She turned our front room into her front room snd made everyone feel like a friend, right from the get-go. She was smart and funny, her merchandise stand came with no prices - but an honesty box - and she played our favourite Nanci Griffith song, It's A Hard Life. Seek her out if she's playing near you. Edwina Hayes' website.
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Madison Violet

SEPTEMBER 16, 2016
And then there were Brenley and Lisa, otherwise known as Madison Violet. A truly extraordinary evening, full of soul, heart, good humour and great playing. We were treated to tracks old and new and had a chance to hear the new acoustic set that makes The Knight Sessions such a rare treat. Beautiful harmonies, songs that hook into you and don't let go, these Canadian singer songwriters are among our favourite guests so far. Do check them out if you get the chance. Madison Violet's website.
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Steve Ashley

JUNE 4, 2016
In the summer of 2016, we hosted Steve Ashley, one of England's best-loved singer songwriters, Steve Ashley has been at the heart of British folk-rock for decades and his songs have been recorded by many of the genres leading lights, including Fairport Convention, Anne Briggs, Martin Simpson, The Arizona Smoke Review and St Agnes Fountain. Throughout the 1970s, Steve was routinely compared with Richard Thompson and his solo albums - from 1974's Stroll On right through to 2015's This Little Game (nominated as one of the best folk album's of the year by the Daily Telegraph) regularly receive rave reviews. Steve Ashley's website.
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Sally Barker

MARCH 6, 2016
In Spring, 2016 our guest was Sally Barker, owner of one of the most memorable voices of recent times. Known equally for her solo work, her outings with the Poozies and with the newly re-formed Fotheringay, Sally was a fantastic guest, full of good stories, interesting insights and some great original songs as well. Sally Barker's website.
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David Hughes

At the tail end of 2015, we welcomed back David Hughes - Essex' finest and most original singer songwriter - to our front room near you. Our front room in fact. Described by Q Magazine as "Dry as tinder" and "More observant than Jodrell Bank", David's songs are by turns witty, caustic and moving. He writes about girls, football, folk music, girls, Maldon, girls, boats, pubs and girls. David Hughes' website.

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Chris Difford

Yes, that Chris Difford - one of England's finest modern songwriters and a key member of Squeeze. Fantastic evening with some great songs - of course - but also a real insight into both the way the music business works and what it was like to be at the centre of one of the most popular bands of modern times. Chris Difford's website.
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Huw Williams & Maartin Allcock

What a night we had with Huw and Maartin. Huw's one of our favourite songwriters, both for his work with Tony Williams, the BBC and the songs he's provided for Fairport Convention over the years. Maartin is one of the world's top multi-instrumentalists with credits that include Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull and most recently Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens). Great songs, great stories. Huw and Maartin's website.

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